Bathroom Black And White Interior Design Ideas

Even though the bathroom is usually the most important room of the house, it doesn’t necessarily have to feature the same characteristics. It can also be a room that needs to be simple, inviting, sober and elegant. This bathroom, for example, doesn’t really have a particular interior design. It’s either very simple and basic or […]

Tones Of Blue By Lorino & Claus

lilBlue is a collection of modern bathroom accessories designed by Lorino & Claus. The collection is called Twin, a name that expresses two-sided.The shades of blue in this collection come from the ancient sea-sails of this region. These pieces of furniture come not only from Lorino but also from an Italian based collection.The main structure […]

Bathroom Sink Consoles From Roca

Bathroom sinks, just like any other piece of furniture, come with their own set of objectives and features. For example, the inner workings of the sink, the boards on which its edges meet, the sink’s distinctive finish and material distinguish themselves not by their size but by the way it’s placed. With the design of […]

Wood Sinks With Ornate Rustic Design

Some people like things simple and classy, others like a little bit more drama and some like to use things carefully and to choose the style. In that case they opt for more ornate designs, more elaborate or elaborate ones. A wooden sink is exactly what a stylish and ornate bathroom sink is but let’s […]

Ceramic Wood Tiles By Sophie Bodin

I’ve always liked tiles that have a nice and interesting patterns. They are both simple and artistic and can’t help but attract us. That is why I especially enjoy ceramic tiles. They are very versatile and helpful, helping to create beautiful patterns and designs in our homes. I prefer simple things that have a simple […]

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