Wood Look Wall Tile By Cerasa

Wall tile is used in most bathrooms and kitchens, but this time, we’re going to focus on the beauty and functionality of this accessory. Cerasa have a line of wood look wall tiles, a collection focusing on the natural beauty of wood and its warm and attractive texture which can be combined in numerous interesting […]

Grey Bathroom Designs Idea

The grey tone used in bathroom interiors is a common interior idea. Many of us have used this color for the bathrooms for years and still, it has lost its symbolism and people get sick of it. People can get a dull ambiance and it does not represent an interesting color for the bathroom. Most […]

Kohler Stancelage

kohler’s flair for over the counter is just not something you come across often. Especially in recent times when it’s possible for us all to take their place in modern homes putting more and more emphasis on smaller things like the bathroom sink, the bathroom faucet and the bathroom frame mount. That’s why we find […]

Faucet Colors For Modern Bathrooms

Each bathroom needs a few accessories and accessories. They have to be included in the décor and, if they don’t fulfill your expectations, they have to be bought separately. It’s difficult to find the combinations you like best when shopping for bathroom accessories but there are some very beautiful options. We gathered here 20 such […]

Purple Bathroom Decor Ideas From Delpha

This year, colours and positive vibes come together in the house to create a decor that is as appealing as is individual bathroom. There are many ways of decorating that you can create your personal space, so be innovative with your choices. This year we’ll be returning to the fresh colours of nature to reveal […]

Tile Patterns For Showers And Bathrooms

Marble tiles have been used for centuries in many homes and bathrooms. They are beautiful accessories, appreciated for their ability to give beauty to the interior of a place, both simple and elegant. The antiquity of these tiles is very indicated in the way that they can be used and also in the way that […]

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