Corner Jetted Bathtub By Stinessen

If you are looking for a tub in a white color to make it pop, a place to put all your bathroom necessities or just the basics – and it will be totally fun to bathe in. The jetted bathtub by Stinessen are exactly what they ask for. Perfectly decorated with chrome, the bathtub will […]

Modern Sink Faucet By Kohler – New Enigma Faucet Series

The Enigma bathroom faucet series is the most stylish bathroom series designed by Kohler. Clean, classy shapes and smart technology are at the core of Enigma bathroom collection. The faucets are made entirely from high-polished chrome, and are available in a variety of finishes to suit every interior space. Designed byboards designed by Reinhard Dienis, […]

Sauna Shower Combination From Van Der Meilliter

Today’s inspired work is the Sauna shower unit from Van Der Meilliter. This unique combination bathroom design features a chic design with clean lines and a bold curved front. Available in a range of hot hues, the shower combines a slim silhouette with nature, creating a very functional and space-saving design. This innovative shower unit […]

Alno Kitchen Faucet Collection By Giuso & Ponti

Designed by Giuso Ponti’s, the Alno collection attempts to create a practical and minimalist kitchen. With straight points and minimalist design, the Alno kitchen faucets are minimalist fixtures worthy of any type of kitchen. The collection features modern technical details elegant stone work, and stainless steel units, which make these faucets extremely durable to face […]

What Is A Rain Shower?

Rain showers refer to any shower instruments that are used to shower one’s shower or bathtub area. Rain showers can also be used to shower bathrooms, kitchens or toilets.Rain showers can also be installed at the guest’s table , in the hallway or at the airport. Rain showers can be used to shower guests at […]

Wet Style Tub And A Wall Of Plants

The Wet Style spa tub boutique Victoriaburg has opened its doors to a range of innovative products and designed a wall of soothing green plants. The creators, Victoriaburg-based XTCENbrecht, have traveled the world including a trip to India and started its own Milan show in the tradition of XTCE, where they exhibited exquisite resort resort […]

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