Wetstyle Tubs – Luxury Spa Baths

Spa bathrooms are responsible for one of the few luxury spa baths in the world that we use in real life. Why? Because there are few things better than a relaxing bath, whether it’s just your own steam showers, rain head baths, or even specialty water solutions. As long as you can get the desired […]

Steam Shower Design, By Chulcher-Gorgou

The designers from Chulcher-Gorgou have created a great steam shower for your bathtub. They have created a colourful shower for those who want to change the ambiance and a convenient and modern steam shower for those who want to keep it classy and minimalist. The beautiful design features water flowing through a glass shower enclosure. […]

Extra Deep Tub Faucets

If you’re in the mood for some new bath products and/or recomposing old items, the Kube is what you’re looking for. This faucet marvel is located at the top of the line, design capable of heating up any bathtub, so not only will you be getting great value for the money, but the design and […]

Glass Drawer Handles From Manali Architectes

Italian designer Manali Ojo’s creations emphasise refinement, beauty and quality all in one. Glass drawer handles and drawer fronts are beautiful details you can place anywhere. This collection adds superb finish options to bathroom furniture starting from glass veneered oak floor boards to honey dusting units.Available for 31 euro sets, the drawer handles are available […]

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