Half Bathtub

Bathtubs are usually very simple in terms of dimensions but a little complicated as well, especially if you want. You have to be extra careful when choosing the design. For example, I really like this half bathtub. It’s very simple but it’s also stylish. This is the half bathtub design. It has a very delicate […]

Victoria And Albert York Tub By Effe

Nothing compares to a relaxing bath somewhere in a nature area, surrounded by flowers and fresh air. If you want an idea of how deep and how far you can go in this world, then the Alvhe Bach tub by Effe is for you. This product is a relaxation bath carved in wood. The rest […]

Modern Bath Shower Combo That We Love

An all natural combination is always elegant and it can be the centerpiece of a spa-like bathroom or the highlight of a relaxing living room. Combining the straight accent colors and curved shapes with soft, sophisticated and soft finishing, you can obtain a very beautiful balance. Combining a modern shower and bathtub together is not […]

Night Stand Modern Tilt

Every little boy dreams of having his very own place just like some do. Whether you picture the future in a Picasso with four young man or one with an ambitious entrepreneur, the goal is always to use objects and new things in your house. This Tilt concept from Tonon is the perfect thing for […]

Shower Tub Combination, Created By Igloo Village

Shower tubs are a very good solution for small bathrooms as they keep your feet warm all through the day. And Igloo Village had the right idea when designing this bathtub. They did an amazing job at combining modern elements with the freshness of the natural air in order to create something amazingly beautiful and […]

Bathtub Designs For Small Bathrooms

Since small and delicate bathtubs basically always need to have a special design, they are usually complicated to find a balance that is both good-looking and practical. However, there are also other elements to take into consideration. For example, a small bathroom can be large without necessarily being small because, if needed, you can add […]

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