Round Bathtubs

Bathrooms are usually spacious and have an airy feel, but in some cases less space is available in the combination and for that , a round bathtub is a great solution. You may want to have a nice relaxing corner in your bathroom where you can enjoy a nice glass of wine in your hands, […]

Hardwood Floor Inlays In The Bathroom

Bathroom is a space that should inspire you cleanliness, hygiene, hygiene and hygiene, all at the same time, it should be relaxing. A famous bathroom for example should be very hygienic, kinder, gentling and more efficient. If the owner of your bathroom is a blood sport lover or just likes hygienic areas the bathroom is […]

Lasco Whirlpool Tub-vaporilled Design Chair

Another dreamy bathtub design came to us from Matt’s customer. These visionary creations are luxurious and have the luxurious air of a classic piece of furniture. With his signature look and the highest quality, these luxurious bathtubs have a major edge over their neighbors and can’t get unnoticed in their own bath. This affords you […]

Small Bathtubs For Sale In New York

The bathtub and other similar elements are often the most utilized pieces of furniture in the bathroom. This is primarily a luxury feature and not something that should be sacrificed just for this particular room. However, there are lots of stylish bathtubs available in stores and on Etsy. They are particularly useful in small bathrooms […]

2 Person Tubs In Green

I don’t know if you’ve seen these incredible bathtub designs before but the most interesting ones I have have. Every time I visit my local market I always find myself looking for a good product and I can’t wait for the next one to come on board. I guess it’s also because I’m tired of […]

Japanese Bath Tub By Verticale

In Japan there’s never enough space and space is affected by everything that has to happened in the already congested spaces. Architects created houses with a bit more space and time and need to do more with it so a bathroom is created in an unused corner of the house. But, there you have it, […]

Victoria And Albert York Tub By Bossley Architects

This beautiful and minimalist piece of furniture is called Albert and it’s a very simple but very beautiful bathtub. It was designed by Bossley Architects and it’s part of the Cat Hill Villa collection. It’s a beautiful and modern piece of furniture that comes in different colors and with several different functions. The Albert bathtub […]

Large Soaking Bathtubs By Ceramica Bardelli

In the past there has been a time when only the necessary things were being enumerated in terms of design and shape and every little corner had serious defects in terms of what were used for a bathroom. In the bathroom everyone knows how it should look like. There’s a period that mixes everything, where […]

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