Storage Cube Units

When you think of a storage unit, there is usually only enough space inside for you and for accessories such as a bookcase, some decorative pieces, a bunch of extra pillows, some books, a bunch of potted plants or the blanket you’ve always wanted to hang. And if there’s no more available space, you either […]

Wall Hung Desk And Bookshelves

Bookshelves are very common in a living room. They are perfect for storing different items and for personalizing your living room and your personal space. Still, most of the times you do not want to lose it by choosing a separate book shelf wall. You only want it to be a place where you can […]

Bookshelves Design By Sebastian Errazuriz

Bookshelves are very practical and very many items that we need in the house, for various purposes. Any way, shelves are very useful and very many of them are already in practical shape, no matter how big or small they are. These shelves designed by Sebastian Errazuriz are a nice idea of how a simple […]

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