Built In Storage Wall And Trash Bags

In small cities, it’s hard to even get rid of things and trash. In those cases, there are solutions, for that reason we’re constantly searching for solutions. Sometimes we have to deal with the inconvenient of actually storing things. But Trash Bag offers a great solution to that. This ingenious system is not specifically designed […]

See Through Concrete Jungle

It is important to keep the common areas very useful and flexible, even if you do not realize it or try to save a lot of space by including into the structure the living room for example a bed, side table, kitchen furniture, etc. The project is made of concrete and the general idea seems […]

Aquariums Design Ideas

There are a lot of different designs when it comes to aquariums. One of the most common is the one features by Metis) The unusual thing about this model is that aquariums don’t seem to be very stable. The stability is the result of the fact that aquariums are raised on pillars and secured to […]

Italian Lamps By The Godfather

The Italian designer Gio Ponti’s house is an architectural wonder. The living room has no doubt about how high the ceiling can go. Everyone wants to have just a normal living room, but with all the furniture those inside will feel like crazy beings. With an astonishing ceiling and 8 beds, two dinning suits, four […]

Happy Halloween Art

This happy halloween club is a very nice idea. You will not have to go on business or in another country for lack of money. Just have your friends over and have a nice time. I mean, who doesn’t like a good halloween? They will always be in a good mood having fun with friends, […]

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