Sheet Metal House In Sierras, Greece

This small summer house is located in Sierras, Greece and was designed by Nils Finestudio. The exterior is made of stretched-up aluminum and the interior is built upon a piloped-ropaditium structure. The architects designed the tiny house with an area of 16 square meters and they made it a light, but not claustrophobic environment. The […]

Layout Pictures2

The layout pictures2 is a modern residence located in Brasilia, Brazil. The place is placed on the high side of the street, near the pedestrian street, and the rooms are arranged in the middle of the three floors around a central garden. The house was a project finished in 2010 by Samlvesiner Arquitetura. The house […]

Coolest Mansions In The World

The mansions in the world are characterized by massive structures that have a modern architecture, plus the one near the bathrooms and utility rooms. But regardless of the construction, there are some standards that everyone has to respect. For example, the giant monolith has to be designed to support 250 cars out of the maximum […]

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