Cubby Dresser From Muuto – The Cork Dresser

Not only functional, but also aesthetic. The cork dresser from Muuto is a stylish piece of furniture for decor. It features a beautiful design that makes it look like a flower. The look of the cork dresser is a natural in its materials and natural print. The dresser is made of cork, more specifically of […]

Cowhide Lamp Shade By Trish Ståaz From Palecek

These colorful and furry pieces of furniture are by Trish Ståaz, a designer from Denmark who likes to add quirky pieces to his projects. She is really into repurposed things and uses repurposed elements for her home and this ever fresh space from the Netherlands is the perfect example. This is only one of many […]

Mother Of Pearl Decoration For Scarlet Letters

Laure represents the most royal and precious pastels to all of us.We may look to many hues for these pastel pieces of furniture or we may choose for Christmas decorations. All these things brought together can bring a new atmosphere to our beautiful house and bring a trace of the pastel color to our rooms. […]

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