Metallic Coffee Table By Antonio Lupi

Nowadays designers try to come up with simple and interesting designs without using too many decorative items and without making things too sophisticated. This is a good example. This is the Metallic Coffee Table that was designed by Antonio Lupi. It’s surprising how such simple and versatile this coffee table can be. It looks modern […]

Kitchen Colosseau Style – The Egg Shaped Table

The colosseau table is probably the most eye-catching of all of them all. It’s not because of its colors or lines but obviously the way it’s been shaped. Designed by Veroljub Milovanovic & Mob stibet, this OJI colocos table could have a very angular look. However, its leaf shape manages to be very elegant and […]

Mirror With Built In Tv Stand In White & Neutral

Telescopic TV stands are not necessarily the utilitarian of vertical space, but they can also be used to provide some extra storage space. There are many variations of built-in tv stands designs that include built-ins, L-shaped units, bars, panels etc. Such variants are always interesting to analyze and comment when taking a look at a […]

Country Style Dining Chairs By Marburg

Dining chairs are usually perceived as being merely decorative, although there are plenty of such pieces around the house. However, these are definitely not the way to go. Designers Marburg and O’Neill have chosen to celebrate the beauty and simplicity of classical dining chairs and to offer a contemporary alternative to the traditional wedding chairs. […]

Cement Outdoor Furniture From Fort Standard

Fort Standard is a company specialized in furniture made from wood. All their furniture is hand crafted from oak, wooden jambs, hit pine, beechwood, and maple. All their furniture is made using high quality, well thought and careful construction. One of their most preferred furniture pieces is the coffee table. It is made with cherry […]

Images Of Painted Kitchen Cabinets By Elitis USA

Designed by New York based designer Elitis USA, the Kitchen Cabinetry Design is the perfect modern kitchen layout. Designed for architects and designers and the picture below shows how you can change the cabinet visibility and placement between and cabinets. Either way, the effect is airy and minimalist – which is what most kitchen cabinets […]

Emu Patio Furniture For Eco-friendly Patio

Located in Riga Fjord island, Latvia is the paved Porcelander Square that is the largest wooden patio in the Middle East. After having been almost destroyed by a fire, the patio became a beautiful and comfortable oasis of peace and relaxation. The design of the square is created by Corben Architects and has a great […]

Storage Container Cabinetry For The Bedroom

For the kids’ room there’s always something fun to play and storage containers is always a good idea. You can buy them some small storage containers and customize them using acrylic paint or you can use them as pencil holders. We found a wonderful series of containers called Hollywood glamour and it’s called Prestige. The […]

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