Kohler Pinstripe Privacy Wall Display

We’re living in an era where privacy is the most important thing in our homes. That means we want designers to be able to make that space feel like a private and peaceful area while also providing the basic functions such as internet access, a monitor, a computer, etc. We’re now starting to notice that […]

Funky Lamps By Ingo Maurer

Ingo Maurer, a young Japanese designer, made some interesting concepts that led his colleagues to think of the other as well. One of them is called Ingo! It’s a very cute and fun lamp. It’s called a table lamp because it really looks like a table. The most interesting elements are those origami paper ornament […]

Tv Floating Shelves By TONIC

These two modern shelves are something that you would never have thought to such an creation or design. It’s called the TV floating shelves and were created by TONIC. They’re a floating shelves design created using a very unusual technique. The concept is very interesting and TONIC actually knows how to use the gaps to […]

Cubes For Storage

The walls, ceiling and doors of a room are usually such a blank box that you can’t help but wonder how those spaces would look like if they were separated and not opened or lacking space. Well, that’s what it looks like in the case of storage rooms. This is a collection of cuckoo tables […]

Moroccan Style Furniture By Paolo Calzada

Paolo Calzada, principal of Palermo-Truiden Studio has created this modern furniture collection for Moroccan families from Spain. The collection includes a bench and several other units. These beautiful and comfortable pieces of furniture are great for outdoor as well as indoor use. They are also very versatile and can be used in any area of […]

2 Person Whirlpool Bathtub

1.1 inch soaking tub – $997.00. 2.1 inch bathtub – $9965. 3.1 inch size bathtub – $2153. 4.5 inch and 2.125?x2.125?x2.125?iley tiles – $897. 5.5 inch and 2.125?x2.125?x2.125? gynthe-bathtub 6.125?x4.Supplies: 7.5? Hyvee sheet metal (2-3/8? diameter), 2.75?x2.125? sheet (9?x2.75?), 2.75? H x 3.75? x2.25? H x 3.25? sheets (15? x 4?), 2.75? Zebra size 3? […]

Portable Chimney Stackable Low Tables

What’s not to love when you can make your own furniture and also use it for something else, such as a great DIY project? These 18 cast iron, low tables, crafted from cast cast cast wood, have an incredible rustic charm. Not only that, but they look incredibly beautiful and have 11 standard legs which […]

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