Modern Heater With A Remote Control

Hotels are supposed to be a chance for relaxation, for contemplation, for meditation. But sometimes you need all that for just a moment or two to take some time for yourself and maybe spend some moments looking for a new site for meditation or even just a peaceful place where you can get away from […]

Sunlight Sauna By Aeon Architecten

Sunrise, dawn and forever blue skies are one of the biggest attractions of the city. It is also the biggest source of inspiration for people to take care of nature and to keep a healthy creativity. One of the methods to do this is through the existence of a sunsurpipe. The Danish company Aeon Architecten […]

The Pool Lounge From Lago El Mare

Everyone likes to relax and have fun, even if it’s just for a few minutes. We’re having this wonderful experience while enjoy a nice romantic walk during our vacation. It’s what the designers from Lago El Mare had in mind. Lago El Mare is a creative studio with a holistic design and specializes in luxury […]

Seora Seora Bed

Cozy beds are always romantic. You can dream all day about different adventures, no matter it is at the golf, on the tennis court or in your own bedroom. Now that we are comfortable we can take a look at this beautiful bed which comes from Casato.It is simple, but charming. It reminds me of […]

Eco Friendly Resorts Around East Hampton

Here’s yet another wonderful resort that can be found in East Hampton, New York. It was a project bygatehouse. The resort’s owners decided to adopt a sustainable strategy when purchasing the land. Also, they agreed to use natural building materials and waste to produceago typical English town. The waste generated was used in the building […]

Prosun International Centre By ONG&ONG

The Prosun International Centre located in Singapore was the project of architects Nangers and Weem World. It consists of 31.5 luxury hotel rooms, a mall, a surf club, a movie theatre, five restaurants and bars, and a barbecue. The resort is conveniently located 90 minutes from the beautiful San Andreas Bay, so the views are […]

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