Barn House Design In An Old Quarry

This is the Axis House and it’s a very beautiful and very interesting house. It was designed by neostudio architects and it’s located in Poligner, Switzerland. The location is very beautiful. The panoramic views are absolutely spectacular and they can also be relaxing and pleasant. It’s a very calm and tranquil house. As you enter, […]

Modern Bedside Tables

In a living room or a bedroom, the headboard, dresser or other pieces of furniture should be comfortable and should have an safe place for them, because they should not be broken or exposed to accidents. In this case the bedside table is the most important piece. To feel comfortable you should consider also your […]

Man Bedroom Furniture Collection From Bolia Artina

Bolia Artina have shared with you a piece of furniture that, if you look around, seems to be quite new. But it’s not. It’s only the inspiration for this collection. The Bolia Artina series is created by a very beautiful furniture series. It’s a very elegant collection that adds fashion and beauty to any bedroom […]

Little Wooden Houses For Children

Children love to play outdoors, just like parents. This is why when it comes to decorating their home, it’s very important to leave plenty of space for their imagination. An amazing house with a very small footprint, like a mini village, needs to be as colorful and as inviting and fun looking as possible. The […]

Footballers Houses For Sale

An apartment, a house, it’s a flying house! Designed by Diogo Donizio, the residence is a work of art. The interior of the apartment has a photographs on two walls that bring a lot of light. It also has a large platform to relax on after a long day of work. Moreover, it presents a […]

Home Gym Wall Art To Keep Your Mind At Ease

We all know that sports has its advantages. For example if you have a tough time you can relax using a home gym wall art. It will help you express your feelings and will also connect your mind with the competition. This type of wall art creates a very dramatic look and it’s also very […]

Costa Rica Beach Homes By Anthony Michael

Costa rica is an exclusive home designed by Anthony Michael and located in Porto Milano, Bali, Indonesia. It’s a mobile home that was designed specifically for the uninautical lifestyle. It features a total of 6 bedrooms and 7 bathrooms plus a large open living area. The main concern was privacy. It’s why the architects and […]

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