Dark Taupe Paint By Thomas Paul

Thomas Paul brought more color and comfort to his home than most designers ever do. His delicate taupe walls gave it a “nightly” look and a more distinguished ambiance. Very popular in graphic spaces, taupe walls are a more than beautiful addition at smaller times. His wavy texture and various wovens along with long taupe […]

Narrow Bedroom Ideas From Team7

Whether you live in a tiny place (like the bedroom of a house or an apartment) or one with a supreme grandeur, some nooks and crannies seem to be just asking for your help. Whether you have a narrow nook, a half floor or a large room with a large window open, utilizing those corners […]

Unique Bathroom Clocks

The bathroom is the place where we spend most of our time, where we relax and where we enjoy every waking hour. For that, it usually comes into more challenging designs. There are a lot of water-saving systems we could all use and some of them are very simple and simply because the technical details […]

Grey Bathroom Designs With A Modern Twist

Bathroom tiles, just like any other surface, are usually pretty simple and lacking detail. However, if you can’t avoid making them look simple and gave them a chic twist, then how many other ways out there as well? gray, like a strong color that’s often perceived as boring or boring is an excellent shade. If […]

Entertainment Storage Unit

I’ve always thought that I need a lot of storage for my entertainment unit. I can’t say I don’t see a need to since it’s so large and all, but since there are so many on the market these days I’m not really sure what to choose. Maybe it would help to use something else […]

Modern Stoves Made Out From Reclaimed Wood

Usually I don’t like using the stove, because it keeps the room warm and because this is one of my favoriteoves. But sometimes you can’t resist preserving all the natural materials and finishes that make your home warm and cozy. And, besides all these features, this stove does really nice with another technique: the recycling […]

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