Studio Shed Kits By Maris Ruzalands

This is a room for people who like fun and who love stories. The shed kits are used for storing toys and other kid’s toys, for helping children with their creative and artistic skills, but also for the purpose of protecting collections of art. The shed is called the “wall of a book” and is […]

Colorful Wallpaper For Walls

Rooms are made of wood. And at that time women used to be responsible for the decoration of these dwellings as well as the ventilation. Actually men and women should have complete control over their work as well as the matter is that they don’t need architects or owners to create their ideas or dreams […]

Carbon Fiber Bathtub From Altea

Bathtubs nowadays are mainly designed to be very comfortable, pleasant, relaxing and comfortable. People prefer different types of bathtubs made of various materials that they can self- contract. However, some of the most appreciated designers were Antonio Lupi, who designed these modern beds. Altea is one of the companies which you can find also offering […]

Rustic Wood Ceilings By Cornerstone Zurich

If you’re looking for a way to add a unique touch to your home, maybe these designs would suit your style. Cornerstone Zurich is specialized with wood paneling and ceilings. The collection features a series of ceilings that can be combined and custom-made in various sizes and styles.The minimalism and contemporary look are complemented by […]

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