Short Tubs

I like simple things and I consider myself a person that likes to simplify everything, to try to make everything seem simple and fine, to be practical and to be very sure that nothing will take away from its simplicity. I also love simple and elegant items, simple clothes and accessories. These are items that […]

Nautical Themed Furniture

Believe it or nor that’s’t a real ship but there are plenty of things that could be used by a sailor if he would to travel with a boat like hers and more if he would like to carry everything with him. So, the next furniture piece designed by Anna Leyland for her wedding as […]

Fun Floor Lamps For The Kids

Kids are often very pretentious and, on one hand, difficult. But when you realize you’re not the parent of your child, then you start to take your kid’s mind from him and try to make him a reality. For example one of the most tricky things to do is getting his own bed. You can’t […]

Looking For Tv Stands You Can Buy ?

TV stands are very popular and probably the most interesting and easy to find piece of furniture in the market today. They are usually built exactly the same as other furniture pieces so you can imagine how difficult you need to be to find a model that looks good. TV stands are usually made of […]

Moroccan Bedroom Ideas For The Bedroom

Children love playing with color and want to help their parents in creating their child’s space, where they can feel safe, secure and welcomed. If this is the case they will spend most of the day in their bedroom. For them the space will be dedicated to play. For example, in the playroom kids can […]

Boys Room Design For Kids Room

This piece of furniture is perfect for little boys who will grow up in a place that is both pink and blue. The room for boys needs as much storage as possible and design as well as comfort for the adults. It can also be a good idea to choose black and white furniture that […]

Kids Designs For Your Kid’s Room

Kids’ bedrooms are not just for the kids. You don’t have to be kid for long to have more kid bedroom space. Your kids have the freedom to choose what you want so why not make it their choice? It doesn’t necessarily have to be overbearing but only to make them feel special. Let’s see […]

Stencil For Wood Boards

I can see my grandmother very often as she is an artist, working on some plants or simply reading in her garden. And she will light up some place with these wooden boards in her backyard with no problem. She is very imaginative and she has her own way of working at it, just the […]

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