Small U Shaped Kitchen With Island

This small kitchen has been designed with all the modern convenience that you need for cooking indoors. It features a multifunctional stainless steel cooker and a sink area with separate horizontally mounted cutting board drawers. The island also features a long wooden cutting board and a peninsula with drain. The counter moved into the wall […]

Small Outdoor Kitchen Ideas By Scavolini

Outdoor kitchen, just like any other kind of kitchen, is usually part of an open floor plan or shares the same floor plan. This means that the kitchen shares the same type of furniture and the décor is similar as well. However, if the kitchen is spacious enough, a small balcony could be just the […]

Contemporary Backsplash Design By Marta Mustic

The contemporary kitchen is a long, narrow place where every inch of space is used. There, everything is carefully thought and arranged. There, everything is practical. The most obvious transposing elements would would be the backsplash. The kitchen is often neglected and this problem can be solved in many different ways. For example, the most […]

Kitchen Interiors From Karim Rashid

Kitchen interiors are not only the interior design of a kitchen, but also the space that it balances between modernity and culture. Any kitchen nowadays needs to have a specific look in order to be successful. The designers from Karim Rashid tried to create a living, interesting look that blends functionality with high-tech gadgets and […]

Brown Cabinet Kitchen

The first thing you notice when you enter the kitchen of a brown color is the aspect related to the appliances, which look like brown boxes. It is a grim sight, but because it is brown and because you would think there are no other wood items on the shelves, you’ll feel better after a […]

Bar Sink Undermount Kitchen Sink

The contemporary kitchen has evolved to be so simple and elegant that you could do anything to make it better than ever before. We are used to seeing simple and modern designs, with clean lines and no unnecessary details. This is also a characteristic of the overall modern design, with just a few contrasting elements. […]

Eco Houses In Berlin

Labeling some of the world’s most creative companies, hat company is no wonder why they’re so creative. It has been called the “arsvaless of creativity”. Since 2008 the Italian digital entrepreneurs, Mario Salotti and Federico H. Orze achieved a level of creativity shown in the photos. Not just Mario Salotti, but also famous names such […]

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