Kitchen Island With Table Built In Tuscany

I’ve always had a thing for unusual things. That’s how I always think about unusual kitchen furniture and all the custom features that come with it. What was initially a strange concept evolved, where we put all these unusual features in order to compare with a common chain design so that everyone could have the […]

Shiplap In Kitchen Furniture Style?

Shiplap is usually synonym with pastel colors. Pastel colors usually include pale shades or pastels such as beige, pale pink, soft pink or light blue. However, because it’s not the most popular color choice when it comes to kitchen furniture, we usually stick with the pastels. In the case of the kitchen, we can also […]

Unique Mug And Mugs

If you like to keep all your guests to your house then you certainly do not want to need to carry all their Gifts. It is very handy and you do not want to ask for carrying all your stuff everywhere on the Internet, so it is a good idea to use multipurpose items like […]

Kitchen Island Seating 4 In One

The Kitchen Design Project is a new collaboration between Agnabuelein & Kusenaumer. It’s a 4-piece collection of chairs designed for the kitchen. They are inspired by the classic baroque designs and the geometric shape captures the most detail that was related to the project in the period. These innovative chairs were presented at the 2011 […]

Brown Cabinet Kitchen Items

Brown is considered a color that can relax people at the end of the day, as it gives us the certitude that the color can make things stand out, no matter what the weather is like. I am sure that if it is summer and calm and blue and snowed in a few days, brown […]

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