Cement Pendant Light For The Bedroom

Simple and chic, this pendant lamp is a great choice for the bedroom. Not only that, but it’s also very versatile. The dimensions, if we can find something similar in the right place, would be approximately 4.15 x 2.125 x 2.5 inches. The price is $149 from Fresh Crush. The lamp is one of the […]

Meijer Lamps By Peter Segal

As I’ve said numerous times before, the most important criterion for choosing a lamp for a room is lighting. However, that only applies to light that you wish to place on the ceiling or even on a wall, especially if the room serves more than one purpose and you expect it to be a bright […]

Big Lamps For Living Room

As the big and Sunday seems to occupy one of the most important places in the house, with houses with ceilings of perhaps 2500 sq.ft. , it seems important to have big lamps for the rooms of your house. It is a habit of many of us to switch from one light to another. They […]

Glass Pendant Lamp Shades By Delos

For those who prefer different lighting systems for the ceiling and for pendant lamps and other types of fixtures, designers and architects from different fields have tried to come up with a complete look that determines the products that result and the design they create. For example, Nagasawa-based Delos created some interesting pendant lamp shades. […]

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