Swinging Bench Seats

Today weFound a very simple and more practical way of turning a table or desk into a multifunctional piece of furniture. This is actually a recliner. It was made using two Reys one had in the past but the designers had to think of its future as well as future owners’ lives. The desk was […]

Backboard Bedside Desks

The main problem with most beds is the fact that they tend to take up a lot of space. It’s either because of the fact that most beds are made of wood or because the materials are not perfect. In the case of this piece of furniture, the problem has been solved by buying a […]

Steel Cabinetry In Steel Mesh

This steel cabinetry was very beautifully integrated into the décor of the living room. It’s part of the mesh and it’s very similar to the ventilation system in the kitchen. The steel has such a subtle texture you can’t even distinguish it yet. The rough finish gives it a rustic feel and makes it stand […]

Floating Wood Desk

There are lots of ideas you can adopt when setting up a work space or for your personal home office, regardless of the size or type. The most important part is knowing what has to happen to balance the space, to make it feel comfortable, to maximize functionality. This floating wood desk is a very […]

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