Stainless Steel Outdoor Showers – Long And Luxurious

Stainless steel showers are not just for industrial-inspired decor. They can transfer their material and finish to create stunning accessories in any space. And now they can be even more spectacular with long-lasting success! The long and impressive patio area with its outstanding wooden beauty and contemporary elegance is our next home. The circumstances where […]

Roof Garden Ideas By Egue And Seta

Yes, nowadays everyone’s afraid of the small details. But when you manage to cleverly impress your friends and family with something simple and already easy there’s still more room for personalization. It’s actually better to use something simple like the ones presented here. We found these amazing garden ideas that feature a little help from […]

Lisa Jenkskall Design Studio Furniture

These two pieces of furniture are perfect for those who love to have furniture in their home. It is even more beautiful if the piece are designed for outdoor use. It is even more appealing for those who do not have a proper terrace and would like to be outside sleeping or enjoying the shade […]

Modern Garden Ideas Made From Cork

People have always created their private gardens. It is somehow idle when you have to find the perfect garden and everything is different for that. We all want to have a real garden and if we know that we will also have a real pleasure over spending our weekends and the evenings outside on a […]

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