Kitchen Island Seating 4 In One

The Kitchen Design Project is a new collaboration between Agnabuelein & Kusenaumer. It’s a 4-piece collection of chairs designed for the kitchen. They are inspired by the classic baroque designs and the geometric shape captures the most detail that was related to the project in the period. These innovative chairs were presented at the 2011 […]

Unique Floor Lamp Design By Shiota – Nami

Designed by Hiroyuki Shinozaki and Associates for Hiroyuki Shinozaki and is manufactured by G5. The unique floor lamp, called “Nami”, has a strong urban vibe and is made of powder-coated steel and a polycarbonate base. It is available in two sizes – 3.5?dia. high, 5.5?d. small and 7?d. high. The 3.5?x12?denge lampshade is available for […]

Apartment Balcony Furniture We Love

This collection of balcony furniture was designed together with the interior design studio Iheartnity to create the Wabi-Siaca collection. The idea behind this collection was to create a space that would be functional, that would look neat and stylish but that would also feel like home. It needed to be simple, easy to use and […]

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