Contemporary Backsplash Design By Marta Mustic

The contemporary kitchen is a long, narrow place where every inch of space is used. There, everything is carefully thought and arranged. There, everything is practical. The most obvious transposing elements would would be the backsplash. The kitchen is often neglected and this problem can be solved in many different ways. For example, the most […]

Cubes For Storage

The walls, ceiling and doors of a room are usually such a blank box that you can’t help but wonder how those spaces would look like if they were separated and not opened or lacking space. Well, that’s what it looks like in the case of storage rooms. This is a collection of cuckoo tables […]

40 Sq M To Sq Ft Loft In Paris

If you’re currently living in a small Nordic apartment and you wish to make your home seem bigger but don’t know how to decorate it, we’ve found a very nice solution for that. This loft apartment is just one of 40 apartments or private homes in the Hochelaga neighborhood of Paris. It covers an area […]

Blue Slate Stone Wall Mural TILKatan Hotel

In its wonderful and exciting position, next to a lovely lake and the picturesque mountain, this beautiful blue slate stone wall mural TILKatan Hotel is the ideal way to give a patio or lake a unique character. The hotel is located on the penultimate tip of an exclusive blue stone escarpment bordering a secluded river […]

Wood Look Wall Tile By Cerasa

Wall tile is used in most bathrooms and kitchens, but this time, we’re going to focus on the beauty and functionality of this accessory. Cerasa have a line of wood look wall tiles, a collection focusing on the natural beauty of wood and its warm and attractive texture which can be combined in numerous interesting […]

Grey Bathroom Designs Idea

The grey tone used in bathroom interiors is a common interior idea. Many of us have used this color for the bathrooms for years and still, it has lost its symbolism and people get sick of it. People can get a dull ambiance and it does not represent an interesting color for the bathroom. Most […]

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