England House By Studio MWA

London-based architectural firm Studio MWA has designed the St Andrews House. This two story contemporary home is located in Glouchestershire, a county in South West England, UK. St Andrews House by Studio MWA: “The site is a large country estate, with many parks and lawns to boast. The client Brief (the client has 3 young […]

Toronto Stairs Transformed Into A Gallery

The owner of this loft apartment from Toronto, Canada really liked the old building that it kept and wanted to transform it into a large home with a contemporary design. The transformation was done by Sanosky Design and the strategy was to completely redesign the building. In order to achieve that, the designers had to […]

Porcelain Floors That Look Like Wood

A while ago we presented an apartment with a pitched roof and rustic furniture that could not have been created using genuine wood. Now it has become a subject of dispute. Can Kaleido obtain a slice of Platinum Green wood for design and to complement Lima cabinets? Or do the wood framing tie into what […]

Barn House Design In An Old Quarry

This is the Axis House and it’s a very beautiful and very interesting house. It was designed by neostudio architects and it’s located in Poligner, Switzerland. The location is very beautiful. The panoramic views are absolutely spectacular and they can also be relaxing and pleasant. It’s a very calm and tranquil house. As you enter, […]

Modern Bedside Tables

In a living room or a bedroom, the headboard, dresser or other pieces of furniture should be comfortable and should have an safe place for them, because they should not be broken or exposed to accidents. In this case the bedside table is the most important piece. To feel comfortable you should consider also your […]

Sicis Mosaic Tiles By Pinch

Blaha Sheppard has sent us some amazing mosaics made by Pinch. I love the intricate and sketchy pattern of the tiles in this room. The company focuses on creating high quality, high end works of art, mostly at The New York Design Festival. Indeed it is very interesting what they do.. I like their sense […]

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