Funky Lamps By Ingo Maurer

Ingo Maurer, a young Japanese designer, made some interesting concepts that led his colleagues to think of the other as well. One of them is called Ingo! It’s a very cute and fun lamp. It’s called a table lamp because it really looks like a table. The most interesting elements are those origami paper ornament […]

Candy Display Jars From IKEA

These are some simple jars designed by IKEA for children and they can also be used for other purposes. Some of them were repurposed when we got bored and they are now in limited supply. Still, they will probably find their way into something special. For example some of them go on the refrigerator, into […]

Neon Room Decorations For The Nursery

nurseries are supposed to be the place where all the members of the family are going to spend some time together, where you can have all the pleasures that you want without being bothered to come by any of your Household. However, since now the money is getting getting smaller and small, parents will begin […]

Built In Storage Wall And Trash Bags

In small cities, it’s hard to even get rid of things and trash. In those cases, there are solutions, for that reason we’re constantly searching for solutions. Sometimes we have to deal with the inconvenient of actually storing things. But Trash Bag offers a great solution to that. This ingenious system is not specifically designed […]

Unique Sconces Collection From Linea Italia

The sconces were designed by Linea Italia and they’re an important part of their charm. The collection is composed of a series of traditional sconces that share the same style. They feature ornate designs and shiny gold bases that stand for a unique dramatic effect. You can admire those details in these glamorous designs. Another […]

Writing Desk Small Desk For Kids

If you live in a small home and your work space is even reduced to just that, you will be forced to think only about having a minimal place where you can work. But if you have enough space for a small computer station, then you should choose the right designer because you don’t need […]

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