Tall Floor Lamps For Living Room

A person’s mood in life depends on many factors that include the space, the views, the furniture and the items around them, etc. But there are some constants that need to be considered. For example, if you want to maximize your space you need to think vertically. So the next time you’re living with a […]

Moroccan Bedroom Ideas For The Bedroom

Children love playing with color and want to help their parents in creating their child’s space, where they can feel safe, secure and welcomed. If this is the case they will spend most of the day in their bedroom. For them the space will be dedicated to play. For example, in the playroom kids can […]

Modern Mosaic Tile Collection

We all know that mosaic tiles are very beautiful and they come in all sorts of patterns and styles. That is why people prefer to mix them up a little and choosing something extremely simple like this modern mosaic tile collection. The mosaic tiles that this collection was handcrafted , but they look very nice […]

Treehouse Playhouse By Bori Architects

The Tents of Rock stool is a quirky and fun playhouse for kids that was designed by Bori Architects in 2012 for a client located in Wellington, New Zealand. The treehouse is placed on top of a concrete platform, having fun features such as a ladder, stairs and netting. Tents of Rock by Bori Architects: […]

Vintage Shower Fixtures From Meeusen

MEEUSen has presented over 50 years of design details and fittings. It’s a Japanese-style furniture house with a long tradition in the style of the Japanese shoji craft. The various items that are part of this style can be admired in the online store on Bluarch. All the articles in this article are from Meeusen. […]

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