Tv Floating Shelves By TONIC

These two modern shelves are something that you would never have thought to such an creation or design. It’s called the TV floating shelves and were created by TONIC. They’re a floating shelves design created using a very unusual technique. The concept is very interesting and TONIC actually knows how to use the gaps to […]

Layout Pictures2

The layout pictures2 is a modern residence located in Brasilia, Brazil. The place is placed on the high side of the street, near the pedestrian street, and the rooms are arranged in the middle of the three floors around a central garden. The house was a project finished in 2010 by Samlvesiner Arquitetura. The house […]

Small Outdoor Kitchen Ideas By Scavolini

Outdoor kitchen, just like any other kind of kitchen, is usually part of an open floor plan or shares the same floor plan. This means that the kitchen shares the same type of furniture and the décor is similar as well. However, if the kitchen is spacious enough, a small balcony could be just the […]

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