Container Home Plans With Courtyards And Gardens

The house is located in the outskirts of Jardim, Iran. It was a project by Setter-Gill Architects. The construction was completed in 2010. The clients requested a contemporary home with a bright and inviting interior. The architects were guided by a series of concrete guidelines. For the house along with the architects designed a green […]

Ikea Lamps Floor Design Collection

The snazzy Aria floor lamp is the kind of accessory that would make any room look beautiful and personal. The Aria lamp has a very simple design, with a base made of painted porcelain tiles. The base is particularly charming especially considering the actual shape of the lamp. It’s not a very easy process as […]

Little Wooden Houses For Children

Children love to play outdoors, just like parents. This is why when it comes to decorating their home, it’s very important to leave plenty of space for their imagination. An amazing house with a very small footprint, like a mini village, needs to be as colorful and as inviting and fun looking as possible. The […]

Glass Table Desk By Andrew Cooper

Andrew Cooper from the Seattle furniture store, Coop & Tin had a suggestion, a very interesting and ingenious idea. They wanted to create a new workspace where any possible workspace could be apppressed and the result could be transformed into a usable piece of furniture. It sounds serious and understandable but there’s much more to […]

Footballers Houses For Sale

An apartment, a house, it’s a flying house! Designed by Diogo Donizio, the residence is a work of art. The interior of the apartment has a photographs on two walls that bring a lot of light. It also has a large platform to relax on after a long day of work. Moreover, it presents a […]

Luxury Penthouse Apartment In New York Springs

This luxury penthouse apartment is located in New York City, USA and it’s one of those properties that you can’t live in just yet. We just found an example for you here, a penthouse located in New York’s West Village. This two and a half-floor apartment has an amazing master suite with an outdoor pool, […]

30sqm To Sqft In North Point

This 1.5-person home is located in North Point, a suburb of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. The house was a gift from LVM House, the creator of the character for the living room, whanke Clarke Carnell Larkshople boutique. The home covers a total ground area of 3,950 square feet. The client had a big need […]

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