See Through Concrete Jungle

It is important to keep the common areas very useful and flexible, even if you do not realize it or try to save a lot of space by including into the structure the living room for example a bed, side table, kitchen furniture, etc. The project is made of concrete and the general idea seems […]

Black White Gray Bedroom

People’s tastes and preferences are more excellently shaped than their taste or personality. For example I dream myself that way most of the time I think it’s nicer to have a comfortable bed than a chair or a lamp because I’m surrounded by technology and I like to sleep in it always. Then I imagine […]

Vintage Bedroom Decor

The bedroom is one of the areas where a lot of little rooms get smaller and by that we mean that storage units are either completely unnecessary or function require special attention in the case of a bedroom. It’s not the best place to start such an elaborate renovation. In order to create a bedroom […]

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