Images Of Modern Houses By Christopher Polly Architect

A notable trend is the use of minimalist, neutral color schemes that are expertly described by Christopher Polly Architect as “the soul of South Africa”. The image comes from a private residence in Johannesburg, South Africa, located just in strip within the cultivated landscape of Yackagawa. The stunning contemporary architecture rises to a monumental ceiling […]

Images Of Modern Houses By Ibarst Studio

Ibarst Studio is an international architectural studio known for its inclination towards minimalist and contemporary designs, always staying true to a client’s vision for a client’s dream. The studio works with mass-produced residential materials such as timber, plastic, PVC vinyl or steel. The architectural framing is softened with low-e wrapings and precision designed details. It […]

Small Courtyard House Designed On A Small Budget

This small but cozy and inviting residence is located in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The house was designed by Brazilian architect Eduardo Abreira. The project was called Para Studio to describe the difficult design problems that designers and homeowners had to overcome while designing it. The main problem present in this case were the lack of […]

Penthouses Nyc2 In Athens

These beautiful apartments are located in Tafhel, an area of Athens, Greece. The apartments occupy 26 square meters on two floors and boast a contemporary and modern design. Each apartment has bright interior decors that have as a focal point the swimming pool. Even though the interior designs of these apartments are very simple, the […]

Roof Garden Ideas By Egue And Seta

Yes, nowadays everyone’s afraid of the small details. But when you manage to cleverly impress your friends and family with something simple and already easy there’s still more room for personalization. It’s actually better to use something simple like the ones presented here. We found these amazing garden ideas that feature a little help from […]

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