Creative Bathroom Ideas From YLAB Architects

Any bathroom should be made as beautiful as its design. The thing however does not have to be perfect, because in fact it should. A bathroom should feel like home without having to worry about style and it should be functional but not too busy, crowded. If you want create a relaxing and welcoming mood […]

Victoria And Albert York Tub By Effe

Nothing compares to a relaxing bath somewhere in a nature area, surrounded by flowers and fresh air. If you want an idea of how deep and how far you can go in this world, then the Alvhe Bach tub by Effe is for you. This product is a relaxation bath carved in wood. The rest […]

Bed Header For Your Mini-bar

If you want to enjoy a nice, relaxing, almost romantic atmosphere in your living room, maybe you should take a look at the new addition you can create for yourself. The bed size is not optional. The bed size is not necessarily the same with the bed. The hot spot can also be a condition. […]

Victoria And Albert York Tub By Bossley Architects

This beautiful and minimalist piece of furniture is called Albert and it’s a very simple but very beautiful bathtub. It was designed by Bossley Architects and it’s part of the Cat Hill Villa collection. It’s a beautiful and modern piece of furniture that comes in different colors and with several different functions. The Albert bathtub […]

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