Wood Look Wall Tile By Lorraine Brenner

Wood look wall tile is not exactly the type of thing people use during a renovation or construction. Still, it’s a beautiful and very handy item. It’s called Wooded look and it’s a wall tile, featuring a very interesting design. The thing that makes this wall-mounted tile so special is its relatively simple design. The […]

A Frame House Design With A Rustic Feel

I’ve always liked modern homes, in general, with very large rooms and lots of unfinished walls. They are cold, not always productive, and that’s what most people try to avoid. However, there’s an alternative. You can have a modern-industrial interior design if you choose a simple and clean look and avoid any unnecessary elements or […]

Modern Home Siding In Australia

Located in Sydney, Australia, this house has very modern fireplaces. The residence was designed by Luigi Rosselli Architects and the interior was designed by Luigi Rosselli. The minimalist white walls of the house create the perfect background for the modern concrete pieces. The combination of materials is both simple and complex. The materials also help […]

Prefab Shed Homes

Usually people choose to live in houses and not in cars or any other transportable building for that matter. However, this is not the case for people who actually live in cars or trucks and rather who can afford a real garage. It’s about time something more resistant to the elements. For example here a […]

Wood Look Wall Tile By Cerasa

Wall tile is used in most bathrooms and kitchens, but this time, we’re going to focus on the beauty and functionality of this accessory. Cerasa have a line of wood look wall tiles, a collection focusing on the natural beauty of wood and its warm and attractive texture which can be combined in numerous interesting […]

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