Corner Jetted Bathtub By Stinessen

If you are looking for a tub in a white color to make it pop, a place to put all your bathroom necessities or just the basics – and it will be totally fun to bathe in. The jetted bathtub by Stinessen are exactly what they ask for. Perfectly decorated with chrome, the bathtub will […]

Brizo Jason Wu Wall-mounted Faucet

You drink a lot of wine and you like spending it in the kitchen, so you need a lot of things whether this includes large wine bottles, some glasses, some plates, some plates and other things you need in the kitchen: napkins, cleaning supplies and anything that fits. And if you do not want to […]

Wood Look Wall Tile By Lorraine Brenner

Wood look wall tile is not exactly the type of thing people use during a renovation or construction. Still, it’s a beautiful and very handy item. It’s called Wooded look and it’s a wall tile, featuring a very interesting design. The thing that makes this wall-mounted tile so special is its relatively simple design. The […]

Powder Room Images

powder rooms or bathroom make of the bathroom very fashionable and beautiful. For those who love their bath/shower with all the things in it,powder rooms are a very good and elegant idea. A powder room may be a multipurpose space which also includes but is also used as a bedroom for the holyday retreat. People […]

Small Powder Room Design Ideas

A small room can be a nice area for relaxation and easy caring. It’s why design ideas and décor that can be put into place can have the greatest results, like this beautiful small powder room. The whole idea was to have no walls or partitions. The floor is the main thing that gives character […]

Pool House Designs Plans By POTT

Pool house can be a very useful structure especially in exceptional cases like during the winter month. It provides a warm and private space for the guests to stay with and where the users can enjoy beautiful views and plenty of natural light. This pool house designed by POTT may not look very impressive or […]

Vintage Console Sink

The sink from the bathroom is usually small compared to other models. It’s not functional or very practical but it looks chic and stylish nonetheless. The Venezia console sink is definitely not like other modern products. It looks like it’s been made from a piece of furniture and this makes it even more appealing. The […]

Bathroom Wallpaper Designs From Delpha

The bathroom is a place where you should relax and enjoy your cleaning activities. Nowadays the place is becoming more practical and spacious so you should choose such a room. Here are some bathroom wallpaper designs for you. You can choose from the ones available and you can even combine them. Delpha comes from Delpha […]

Stainless Steel Outdoor Showers – Long And Luxurious

Stainless steel showers are not just for industrial-inspired decor. They can transfer their material and finish to create stunning accessories in any space. And now they can be even more spectacular with long-lasting success! The long and impressive patio area with its outstanding wooden beauty and contemporary elegance is our next home. The circumstances where […]

Wood Look Wall Tile By Cerasa

Wall tile is used in most bathrooms and kitchens, but this time, we’re going to focus on the beauty and functionality of this accessory. Cerasa have a line of wood look wall tiles, a collection focusing on the natural beauty of wood and its warm and attractive texture which can be combined in numerous interesting […]

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