Bathtubs For Small Bathrooms And Table Tops

Small bathrooms are always difficult to decorate. There’s so much space to work with in the first place. It’s even harder when you have to be certain you have the space. Even so, there are plenty of small bathtubs that can be helpful in this case. We found a few designs that would be perfect […]

Luxury Kitchen Sinks From Arredo Italia

If a certain point of imbalance exists, it is considered to be unnoticeable. The kitchen sink, by its very nature, will not draw too much attention to itself. Thus, when we are worried and want to wash our hands, the sink will not exist, as it does not have the same gravity as the rest […]

Luxury Sinks From Blanc-colored Custom-made Furniture

VIET, the Italian-made VIET bath, is an exquisite luxury bathroom designed by P&T salts. It features a combination of natural materials such as marble, Corian, and its material palette includes white or light-colored wood, sink vanities, and Corian. The high-end material palette is inspired by the production number and features soft and elegant edges with […]

Retro Sink Designs From Delightfull

If you’re looking for a new sink for your kitchen, consider Delightfull’s products. They are specialized in appliances for bathrooms and kitchens, all in rock salt. They offer a wide range of products, fully fumed and carved glass washing stations, a high-end retro range with a ceramic stone sink basin, a ceramic boiling board and […]

Outdoor Mini Baroque Bathtub

Be it luxury or rustic, comfortable or elegant, a modern or old-fashioned Japanese tub is a great element to take a look at. The KWC Tokon mirrors bring beauty and elegance to any home and invite the user into a space that is meant to be used for minimalism and where the beauties of nature […]

Grey Wood Tile Bathroom Backsplash Idea

If you have a lot of water when washing your hands, or washing your feet, in order to wash each and every part of your body and not allow the outside water to splash on the floor and dirt that may stick there, then you’ll have a much more difficult time designing each space of […]

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