Glass Tile Shower Ideas For Modern Bathrooms

Marble tiles are timeless and have a lot of beautiful characteristics in common. They are classic and also very beautiful and their delicate veins and coloring also contributes to a pleasant and welcoming ambiance, very appreciated by both visitors and washrooms. We have selected a few examples to illustrate this idea. White marble, for one, […]

Designer Toilet And Shower In One, For $4700

Japanese architects from studio Schemata are responsible for one of the most beautiful and most interesting toilet designs we’ve ever come across. This toilet was designed for the “Invisible System” in Japan as part of a project called “Tokonoma House” which calls for the replacement of a series of Japanese-inspired, invisible buildings in everyday life. […]

Arabesque Tile Shower Tray

Marble tiles are always a classic and they have been around for ages. However, most often marble is used in bathrooms because of its dramatic beauty, warmth and different patterns that it creates. The shower tray is used to hold your wet toiletries while your sanitaryware is arranged on it. This way you will easily […]

Bathrooms Plus Shower By Cloud9

Nowadays people start to take care more of quality things for us and to invest more in these things. If they would have known how to take care of us we would have never imagined how beautiful and precious we have to have such a thing. Cloud9 came up with a perfect shower layout for […]

Stainless Steel Outdoor Showers – Long And Luxurious

Stainless steel showers are not just for industrial-inspired decor. They can transfer their material and finish to create stunning accessories in any space. And now they can be even more spectacular with long-lasting success! The long and impressive patio area with its outstanding wooden beauty and contemporary elegance is our next home. The circumstances where […]

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