Toronto Stairs Transformed Into A Gallery

The owner of this loft apartment from Toronto, Canada really liked the old building that it kept and wanted to transform it into a large home with a contemporary design. The transformation was done by Sanosky Design and the strategy was to completely redesign the building. In order to achieve that, the designers had to […]

Interior Shutter Panels By Erinn Schoup

Have you ever worked with shutters on a building? They’re very practical and there are a lot of options in terms of design and shape. We’ve presented numerous ideas and we’re only going to cover one of them this time but we’ll only present it for a few minutes because we’re being careful very passionate […]

Circular Homes For Unusual Lovers

The circular house is the smallest and most common of all modern homes. It consists of two undulating and rectangular sections that are linked together by an axis. The homes are designed by architect Jonathan Olivares who in collaboration with the owners created some of the original works as well as the appliances and fixtures. […]

Bocci Light Box Design

Designer Rui Grazina has really impressed us with her unusual and very interesting bocci light box design. This beautiful light box is made of cardboard. Due to her unique and unusual design, you can use it as a decorative box in any room or living room. It will not stay on your wall, but the […]

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