Modern Sink Faucet By Kohler – New Enigma Faucet Series

The Enigma bathroom faucet series is the most stylish bathroom series designed by Kohler. Clean, classy shapes and smart technology are at the core of Enigma bathroom collection. The faucets are made entirely from high-polished chrome, and are available in a variety of finishes to suit every interior space. Designed byboards designed by Reinhard Dienis, […]

Red Kitchen Faucet By Keringon Kempton – The Balance Faucet

The Balance faucet features a commanding choice of stainless steel in different finishes and a cantilevered spout finished in contemporary black or white. A selection of stainless steel materials and finishes offer a highly attractive and elegant silhouette. Keringon Kempton explains: “Contemporary black flat top flurs with matching spout, combine sophisticated chrome and choice black […]

Circle Table Lamp

Even though I am a very organized person, I do know that some things are not exactly usual. I have changed the meaning of the word “contrast” with: that things are not necessarily combined in this way and things are rather positioned on a different axis. For example this nice and colorful table lamp is […]

Outside Space Heater

It’s still summer and this holiday season seems to be very happy about the huge number of people who come together and enjoy each other’s company. Even though a lot of people prefer the same temperatures that we are already using, we are all searching for a different way of keeping warm. For the contrary, […]

Entrance Door Handles By Erinn Schwan

Normally, the front door has only one button. It’s the one that opens. If the door from outside seems a little un-done, then you’ll be surprised to see that the door’s knobs are also made on the inside. In an effort to make the door “read” as solid and manmade, designers have developed these door […]

Vintage Console Sink

The sink from the bathroom is usually small compared to other models. It’s not functional or very practical but it looks chic and stylish nonetheless. The Venezia console sink is definitely not like other modern products. It looks like it’s been made from a piece of furniture and this makes it even more appealing. The […]

Modern Bath Faucets

Modern bathroom faucets are all the more particularly interesting this way because of the fact that they have a very simple and lustrous design. They are not very flashy and opulent but they are simple and elegant in a simple way. The Moppich faucet features a classical design with a little touch of industrial. In […]

Rustic Shower Head

Shower curtains are very practical and they provide us with privacy, for one reason or another, regardless of the environment and the design they create. They provide us with privacy but, even then, they can’t really be used as shower curtains. The most common textile, however, is the shower curtain mat. It’s this very material […]

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