Roof Garden Ideas By Egue And Seta

Yes, nowadays everyone’s afraid of the small details. But when you manage to cleverly impress your friends and family with something simple and already easy there’s still more room for personalization. It’s actually better to use something simple like the ones presented here. We found these amazing garden ideas that feature a little help from […]

Koi Designs A Private Home In Tokyo, Japan

House in Takizawa is a residential project designed bykoi in 2016. The home is located in Tokyo, Japan. House in Takizawa by kakuse (House of Big Life) is a private home. Completed in 2013, it is located in Tokyo, Japan. House in Takizawa by kakuse (House of Big Life) by Koichi Futatsumata: “This small private […]

Luxury Home Design In Australia

As a guest, you can’t overlook the true beauty of a beautiful and luxurious hotel. So, why not have a piece of luxury in your home and enjoy it and feel amazing being there, in the company of your family. This modern and elegant $3 million house got his “nest” in a very beautiful location. […]

Modern Stoves Made Out From Reclaimed Wood

Usually I don’t like using the stove, because it keeps the room warm and because this is one of my favoriteoves. But sometimes you can’t resist preserving all the natural materials and finishes that make your home warm and cozy. And, besides all these features, this stove does really nice with another technique: the recycling […]

Cabinet Designs For Kitchen

The kitchen is a space that needs to feel welcoming and warm, so it’s very important to provide as much interaction and storage space as possible, without too many decorations. That means that the furniture needs to be as functional or as small as possible, without too many details. In the case of a kitchen, […]

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