Cottage House Interior Renovation

This cozy 3-room flat was remodeled by Taking Over The Space with the help of 3 designer bloggers and angel fairy. The idea behind this project was to create a space where three generations could come together and have fun together. The flat was small and quite large, quite narrow but also spacious. Shutting off […]

Canadian House Plans By ARQtainery

Canarovo-based studio ARQtainery has designed the Canarovo House. Located in Marrakesh, in Mariglo, this contemporary concrete residence (1,400 sq ft) was designed to provide a natural and warm living environment, while respecting its natural setting and environment specific vegetation. Photos by: Maria Asmiani?

Houses With Stairs To Offer More Privacy

It’s definitely an odd look for staircases. They have an odd look because they are usually very simple and minimalist. However, they are also very complex. The staircase is one of the most intriguing features in the house. It’s not the structure themselves that are the reason why it’s so eye-catching. The staircase is actually […]

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