Wood Look Wall Tile By Lorraine Brenner

Wood look wall tile is not exactly the type of thing people use during a renovation or construction. Still, it’s a beautiful and very handy item. It’s called Wooded look and it’s a wall tile, featuring a very interesting design. The thing that makes this wall-mounted tile so special is its relatively simple design. The […]

Hardwood Floor Tile Collection By Cerasa

Parents, children need to have a pleasant space for play. At the same time, parents need to feel like adults so that their children are stimulated by special gestures and education materials. The same thing happened for parents who were afraid of the bad taste of the children and their day will be better. Kids […]

Kitchen Sink Picture By Geremia Design

When we are throwing open our doors to go into long and narrow rooms we discover that we have lost their connection with nature completely. Imagine what a fresh air, perfectly blended with the warmth of a fireplace, the sound of the fireplace and the light passing through the doors. This fresh air of Mineko […]

Pretty Lamps With Playful Designs

The terms “pendant lamp”, “light lamp” and “light wall” are often used interchangeably in the world of interior design and painting but, in fact, they are synonyms at the very least. We’re going to use them all anyway because, as mentioned in the beginning, these lamps and their design are wonderful and inspiring. It’s hard […]

Circle Table Lamp

Even though I am a very organized person, I do know that some things are not exactly usual. I have changed the meaning of the word “contrast” with: that things are not necessarily combined in this way and things are rather positioned on a different axis. For example this nice and colorful table lamp is […]

Tiles Design For Living Room

The British company thinsh you can make with your own tiles is constantly updating its collections with new tiles. Now, you can decorate your whole house in tiles. These tiles by thinsh you can find at the company thinsh you can make tiles, which means you can make a house wall to complete your existing […]

Animal Lights By Atelier Oslo

When you have kids it’s easy to create delicate and artistic decors. When you don’t have a big family to worry about you work more hours focused on encouraging them to do their own thing. So it’s a great opportunity to work with animals. Kids are crazy about animals and love trains, so you could […]

Vintage Console Sink

The sink from the bathroom is usually small compared to other models. It’s not functional or very practical but it looks chic and stylish nonetheless. The Venezia console sink is definitely not like other modern products. It looks like it’s been made from a piece of furniture and this makes it even more appealing. The […]

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