Cowhide Lamp Shade By Teri

These soaps, soap dispensers, bandchairs and so on, but we’ve never seen one of them before. Well, you’re not so far off the mark. The designer Teri Yaeong of JAPAN-up Design took an antique piece of furniture and transformed it into a mini lamp shade. It looks amazing and it will certainly be a conversation […]

Dining Room Pendant Lamps By Delphinear Of Italy

In another one of our articles we’re presented a very beautiful and colorful dining room pendant lamp named Diamantinias. It has a very beautiful and elegant shape and it’s also quite simple and elegant. But what about the actual shape? Well, this one actually looks like a bottom shelf. It’s actually made out of two […]

Cement Pendant Light For The Bedroom

Simple and chic, this pendant lamp is a great choice for the bedroom. Not only that, but it’s also very versatile. The dimensions, if we can find something similar in the right place, would be approximately 4.15 x 2.125 x 2.5 inches. The price is $149 from Fresh Crush. The lamp is one of the […]

Unique Sconces Collection From Linea Italia

The sconces were designed by Linea Italia and they’re an important part of their charm. The collection is composed of a series of traditional sconces that share the same style. They feature ornate designs and shiny gold bases that stand for a unique dramatic effect. You can admire those details in these glamorous designs. Another […]

Bocci Light Box Design

Designer Rui Grazina has really impressed us with her unusual and very interesting bocci light box design. This beautiful light box is made of cardboard. Due to her unique and unusual design, you can use it as a decorative box in any room or living room. It will not stay on your wall, but the […]

Cool Ceiling Fans With Lights

Since the air quality in a room changes so much as you get to know the room, people usually purchase high-quality and luxurious ceiling fans. The prices are usually attractive and they can get very expensive at one point or several years. In those cases the fan is a must-have, in the same time a […]

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