Courtyard House Design By Atelier Oslo

Jager House is a private residence located in Aarhus and designed by Atelier Oslo. The home’s simplicity is reflected in its simple design, though still copiously obvious. Jager House by Atelier Oslo: “A young family set on growing summer farms – in the South of Denmark – planned long lines of desks in their glassed-in […]

Modern Courtyard Houses By ALTUS Architecture

Located in Palazzo del Mare in Tuscany, Italy, these two small cottages are surrounded on three sides by the spectacular landscape on which they are surrounded. The courtyard house was designed by ALTUS Architecture and it was built in 2012. This modest but beautiful residence has cedar-clad facades along with concrete walls that allow plenty […]

Objects That Bring Good Luck

It is a well known fact that superstitions can be explained by man. Even if we have no clue about the reasons why this habit is born, we still tend to regard it as a good thing. superstitions can be explanation for a lot of things, among which the luck of something poor, lesser or […]

Building On A Hill In Beijing

If you really want to see the harmony nature has to create in any structure, stop thinking only at the simplest things. In a lot of cases, what we see is a very complex construction meant to impress and stand out. One of the most impressive structures is the building designed by Zaha Hadid Architects […]

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