Outdoor Wood Flooring By By By Paul Toiris

Brendan Kwinter and Paul Toiris have created a very interesting and unexpected design for the flooring they’re using in their Hoopers House and Neckus House. The two architects worked together and managed to come up with this unusual design. The house is situated in a clearing in DeuCosy, Belgium and the interior is entirely built […]

Houses With Stairs To Offer More Privacy

It’s definitely an odd look for staircases. They have an odd look because they are usually very simple and minimalist. However, they are also very complex. The staircase is one of the most intriguing features in the house. It’s not the structure themselves that are the reason why it’s so eye-catching. The staircase is actually […]

Small Outdoor Kitchen Ideas By Scavolini

Outdoor kitchen, just like any other kind of kitchen, is usually part of an open floor plan or shares the same floor plan. This means that the kitchen shares the same type of furniture and the décor is similar as well. However, if the kitchen is spacious enough, a small balcony could be just the […]

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