Wood Floor Ceramic Tile By Paolo Bertolini

Paolo Stolini has created a new collection of wood floor tiles called Paolo Stolini has put one of his signature approach to a collection called respec. This new wood tile collection reminds us of the classic design Rintal design, where tiles are leveled in harmony with the floor. A basic module with open drains, combined […]

Ofuro Bathtub From KWC

Bathtubs are usually very simple in design, but KWC and you tell them that the Japanese manufacturer, KWC, can’t make them because of the materials used in manufacturing them. We’re talking about the their own products made of fibers, that is why they make bathtubs. Of course, bathtubs are usually only good for a single […]

Decorating Walls With Pictures And Graffiti

People have always been in love with graffiti and the messages they use on their walls are no different on a wall from someone’s. Framed graffiti walls can create a strong statement while maintaining a neutral color scheme. There are numerous ways to use graffiti walls in your home without creating an opulent look. Use […]

Cool Interior Doors Featuring Copper Plating

As a high-level interior designer and a client with an interest in copper plating, there’s no better source of inspiration than this. This particular project was the result of some renovation work completed in 2012 by Daniele Lo Scalzo Papinen from Atelier Lo Scalzo Pty, a multidisciplinary design studio founded in 2009 in Milan. The […]

Japanese Ofuro Tubs

A Japanese tub is something that every person would like to have in their home, in waiting that they would like to see when they go out and end each day somewhere. And since modern technology has opened up our sights and vision, we can now see that our bedroom and bathtub are no longer […]

Grey White And Yellow Living Room

Living room is one of the most important rooms of the house because it is the place where you invite your friends too whenever you want to be at home. Now, you can put all your stuff with some other walls, so that you can have a perfect living room that will inspire you every […]

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