Metallic Porcelain Tile That Hides The Bathroom Sink

The bathroom is a space that has to match the rest of the décor for that particular room. But, even though each bathroom has its own characteristics and particular features, they all share in common the simplicity that defines them all. For example, even though a bathroom doesn’t look like your bedroom or home office, […]

Contemporary Wainscoting In Manchester

Wainscoting is fun, everyone can get in on the “swinginess of it”, even the tired cave-like structures they create inside the house. However, very few manage to translate this fun feeling into real life. Unless of course, everyone is capable of incorporating it into their home, a lot like this Residence In Skye Park by […]

Murano Glass Lighting From Atelier Lucente

People are always changing the light that they use in order to create a new ambient or create new designs and decorative items. Sometimes the same light that is used for a particular thing is used for a different effect, for example a light that is available in a different color, or a light that […]

Spark Kitchen Set With Wood And Marble Top

The days when you had to find a place for your kitchen tools and cooking tools is long gone. We all still enjoy to have our place perfectly lined up and organized. The spart wood kitchen tools are great at storage containers, pots, pans, oven mitts and large tools that can be used for many […]

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