Images Of Modern Houses By Ibarst Studio

Ibarst Studio is an international architectural studio known for its inclination towards minimalist and contemporary designs, always staying true to a client’s vision for a client’s dream. The studio works with mass-produced residential materials such as timber, plastic, PVC vinyl or steel. The architectural framing is softened with low-e wrapings and precision designed details. It […]

Ranch House Makeover In Rotterdam

This sunny residence in Rotterdam got a new personality. The exterior was painted white, an interesting choice that reflects the owner’s passion for entertainment. The red, white and blue combination is always a good choice and it can also be used to create contrast surfaces. The residence got an interesting makeover. The interior was painted […]

Photo Display Wall Shelves

Wall shelves are extremely useful and practical in the kitchen. They allow you to store and display items beautifully and there’s also the possibility to cleverly organize everything according to purpose and to take only items that are useful and in some cases beautiful. The shelves are particularly useful in corners. They allow you to […]

Pink And Black Bathroom: A Combination That’s Never Been Touched With A Change – 15 Inspiring Interior Design Ideas That Make A Difference

The color combination is an interesting and subtle one and it’s not always something to be bothered by. Let’s see how it would work in our case. Let’s take a look at 15 of the most interesting bathrooms we encountered during our time there. They represent very interesting, beautiful and they each have a name […]

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