Mobile Fireplace By Newzius Brown – Cabinets

The Mobile fireplace is not your typical fireplace. Designed by Newzius Brown this unit brings together both your desire for some exclusivity and your penchant for simplified designs. Featuring streamlined flue, a solid timber frame and blocked welded steel pipes, the unit is far more attractive and classy than the classic and costly lump-and-beam type […]

Outside Space Heater

It’s still summer and this holiday season seems to be very happy about the huge number of people who come together and enjoy each other’s company. Even though a lot of people prefer the same temperatures that we are already using, we are all searching for a different way of keeping warm. For the contrary, […]

Modern Rustic Fireplace By Beyond Beige

There are some features which I have never seen and I have never seen such beautiful designs. The new Beyond Beige fireplace certainly is very stylish and beautiful. The fireplace was designed in collaboration with Pieter Beckner and Pieter Beckner. It’s not an element specific to the brand, so don’t expect this product to fool […]

Steam Shower Design, By Chulcher-Gorgou

The designers from Chulcher-Gorgou have created a great steam shower for your bathtub. They have created a colourful shower for those who want to change the ambiance and a convenient and modern steam shower for those who want to keep it classy and minimalist. The beautiful design features water flowing through a glass shower enclosure. […]

Hammock Rocker

Rocking rocking is a very popular outdoor activity that many people like. It is a beautiful and relaxing pattern and also one of the most beautiful and relaxing patterns. Rocking is a great way of getting a dynamic look as well as of simply relaxing a natural instinct just by rocking.The mahogany boards used to […]

Table Lamp Combo By Emmanuelle Dechamps

A table lamp is one of the things you wish to see on a cold day more than anything else. The perfectiator that is this unique table lamp. The idea from Emmanuelle dechamps came to them and they decided to combine two main materials in order to create delicate and eye-catching pieces. The marble marble […]

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