Brick Wall House In The Netherlands

This is a house situated above the village of Hemlende in Utrecht. The name covers a lot of ground, especially the construction of the house itself and not in an abstract way. Inspired from the books of Bernandlestair, Pierre Hebillaux of the Wood Society was hired to design the house. There, they built and installed […]

Modern Rustic Fireplace By Beyond Beige

There are some features which I have never seen and I have never seen such beautiful designs. The new Beyond Beige fireplace certainly is very stylish and beautiful. The fireplace was designed in collaboration with Pieter Beckner and Pieter Beckner. It’s not an element specific to the brand, so don’t expect this product to fool […]

Houses With Stairs To Offer More Privacy

It’s definitely an odd look for staircases. They have an odd look because they are usually very simple and minimalist. However, they are also very complex. The staircase is one of the most intriguing features in the house. It’s not the structure themselves that are the reason why it’s so eye-catching. The staircase is actually […]

Modern Architecture Examples From Tadao Ando

Modern architecture is a category that has reached a whole new level. The houses are appreciated for their simplicity, functionality and many of their design concepts and architecture is a combination of practicality and aesthetics. A house can look modern if it has a simple architecture and the best part is that the simple design […]

Modern Luxury Apartment With A Modern Design

This is the MoutOM Interior designed Apartment, a contemporary residential project that covers a total area of 6,458 square feet. The project was completed in the year 2017 by the architects at Atelier Zündel Cristoph Amangán.Located in Gávee-Don Cunhada, Jungalowat, the third largest city in South Africa, this apartment is a stunning example of stylish […]

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