Glow In The Dark Tile Collection By Cerasa

We all know tiles are a must-have that make a space look energized and beautiful in general. They’re very durable and hard but they’re also soft and they come in lots of different colors and sizes. Tile is usually the key to a successful decor. It’s a very beautiful accent feature that becomes the focal […]

Island Pantry

We all dream about the way in which we arrange things in our houses, after choosing the models and the colors and other details. Sometimes this is wish, other times it’s true. When it comes to pantries, sometimes the only way to solve this problem is making the furniture part of the kitchen and not […]

Small Powder Room Design Ideas

A small room can be a nice area for relaxation and easy caring. It’s why design ideas and décor that can be put into place can have the greatest results, like this beautiful small powder room. The whole idea was to have no walls or partitions. The floor is the main thing that gives character […]

Bathroom Black And White Interior Design Ideas

Even though the bathroom is usually the most important room of the house, it doesn’t necessarily have to feature the same characteristics. It can also be a room that needs to be simple, inviting, sober and elegant. This bathroom, for example, doesn’t really have a particular interior design. It’s either very simple and basic or […]

Decorative Bunks For The Children

Bunks are great space-savers, especially in small areas where a storage area is required. They allow the children to clean their room and to take a few pieces from it, store some toys and other things they need and then throw them in the kids’ room. All these pieces get mixed and dust and they […]

Shower Tub Combination, Created By Igloo Village

Shower tubs are a very good solution for small bathrooms as they keep your feet warm all through the day. And Igloo Village had the right idea when designing this bathtub. They did an amazing job at combining modern elements with the freshness of the natural air in order to create something amazingly beautiful and […]

Ceramic Wood Tiles By Sophie Bodin

I’ve always liked tiles that have a nice and interesting patterns. They are both simple and artistic and can’t help but attract us. That is why I especially enjoy ceramic tiles. They are very versatile and helpful, helping to create beautiful patterns and designs in our homes. I prefer simple things that have a simple […]

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