Bathtub Silhouette From Artistic Tile

Bathtubs have evolved very rapidly over the years with various technological apparatuses. What was once a simple showerhead has now become the centerpiece of household life. This bathtub style silhouette from Artistic Tile takes bathroom luxury to a whole new level. The Artistic Tile bathroom collection features a bathtub with a distinct and standout twist. […]

Modern Carpet Tiles From Ceramica Lord

Whence doubt like the situations, go for the tile that’s good and pass the evidence like that with this modern carpet tile from Ceramica Lord. The carpet tile comes in different sizes as follows: small (the 5’x8’), medium (the 6’x10’), and large (the 7’x12’). The colors and patterns are endless and you can opt for […]

Bathtub Designs For Small Bathrooms

Since small and delicate bathtubs basically always need to have a special design, they are usually complicated to find a balance that is both good-looking and practical. However, there are also other elements to take into consideration. For example, a small bathroom can be large without necessarily being small because, if needed, you can add […]

Funky Lamps By Ingo Maurer

Ingo Maurer, a young Japanese designer, made some interesting concepts that led his colleagues to think of the other as well. One of them is called Ingo! It’s a very cute and fun lamp. It’s called a table lamp because it really looks like a table. The most interesting elements are those origami paper ornament […]

Brown Cabinet Kitchen

The first thing you notice when you enter the kitchen of a brown color is the aspect related to the appliances, which look like brown boxes. It is a grim sight, but because it is brown and because you would think there are no other wood items on the shelves, you’ll feel better after a […]

Log House Designs And Structures

The Log House is a series of live-work homes and guest houses designed by Hufft Projects. They’re located in Los Angeles, California, USA and they share similar designs and architectural vocabulary. The logical source of inspiration for the design is the site’s mountainous location. The architects wanted to integrate a home that would naturally integrate […]

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