Levitating Chair That Holds Its Own Position

The Lighthouse chair was a revolutionary concept that revolutionized furniture design. Lighthouse is a designer’s eye and has revolutionized furniture design in general. Lighthouse is a sheet of metal that looks like a floating chair and that looks as if a lightship had landed on a space. The chair has no legs and its back […]

Wall Hung Desk And Bookshelves

Bookshelves are very common in a living room. They are perfect for storing different items and for personalizing your living room and your personal space. Still, most of the times you do not want to lose it by choosing a separate book shelf wall. You only want it to be a place where you can […]

Outdoor Covered Bar Chairs

Bar stools are usually something we take for granted and we don’t pay much attention to this detail. Still, it doesn’t have to be like that. Outdoor furniture is usually very fun to use. For example, you could use an outdoor bar stool. It’s nothing more than a chair covered in cushions and that can […]

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