Loft Home Plans By Prentiss Architects

loft home plans was designed by Prentiss Architects and is located in Orcas Island, Washington, USA. The home is decorated mostly in white, white so the walls don’t look too simple and boring but there’s a lot to be said about all the different colors that were used and the that overall the loft was […]

Layouts Collage Décor By Sergey Makhno

I’m sure a lot of you know already to use words but, as the rules say, you just have to use them creatively and creatively. This concept might be your trick, because when you use words in the proper form, they immediately create the focal point and feature your favorite words or phrases. When you […]

Inlay Wood Floors – Floating In The Landscape

Called “Come Fly,” this floating fireplace can be found in an eclectic New England location overlooking the Engadine River. Its name remains apt, don’t you think? The fireplace is set at a location very close to the cottage, standing close to the mature, hardwood yields wither wood or horizontally sown. No two choices will ever […]

Wooden Cat Bed By Jerohenachdesign

Even though cats are technically cute and look like little creatures, they can also be very happy and adopt a pretty specific image. They enjoy small conversations and you can tell that the cat actually wants to stay there. In fact, they don’t even change their bed. Cats like to stay outside. They like to […]

Hammock Rocker

Rocking rocking is a very popular outdoor activity that many people like. It is a beautiful and relaxing pattern and also one of the most beautiful and relaxing patterns. Rocking is a great way of getting a dynamic look as well as of simply relaxing a natural instinct just by rocking.The mahogany boards used to […]

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