Indoor Wooden Bench With Back To Toes Storage

For the kids living in the house or for the adults sometimes we need to keep storage spaces open and accessible. Still, this doesn’t mean that the furniture has to be very bulky and with no distinguisha, small and efficient space in the selection. This is a bench designed by Artikmon which offers plenty of […]

Courtyard House Design By Atelier Oslo

Jager House is a private residence located in Aarhus and designed by Atelier Oslo. The home’s simplicity is reflected in its simple design, though still copiously obvious. Jager House by Atelier Oslo: “A young family set on growing summer farms – in the South of Denmark – planned long lines of desks in their glassed-in […]

Submerged Fire Pit By Steve Shaheen

Contrary to the common belief, fire pits are not very common in Canada and for good reason. Canada is home to a multitude of traditional fire pits, some of which date back to the late 19th century and some still in use. It’s also the location that is in great need of major attention. The […]

Outside Space Heater

It’s still summer and this holiday season seems to be very happy about the huge number of people who come together and enjoy each other’s company. Even though a lot of people prefer the same temperatures that we are already using, we are all searching for a different way of keeping warm. For the contrary, […]

Country Dining Chairs Made From Concrete

Dining chairs are usually made of wood. However, this is not necessarily called like that because, especially among this category of materials, there are quite many other construction typologies, still made of wood. Wood dining chairs are usually hand made and they are all unique pieces of furniture, with simple designs and usually made of […]

Wet Style Tub And A Wall Of Plants

The Wet Style spa tub boutique Victoriaburg has opened its doors to a range of innovative products and designed a wall of soothing green plants. The creators, Victoriaburg-based XTCENbrecht, have traveled the world including a trip to India and started its own Milan show in the tradition of XTCE, where they exhibited exquisite resort resort […]

Prefab Shed Homes

Usually people choose to live in houses and not in cars or any other transportable building for that matter. However, this is not the case for people who actually live in cars or trucks and rather who can afford a real garage. It’s about time something more resistant to the elements. For example here a […]

Layout Pictures2

The layout pictures2 is a modern residence located in Brasilia, Brazil. The place is placed on the high side of the street, near the pedestrian street, and the rooms are arranged in the middle of the three floors around a central garden. The house was a project finished in 2010 by Samlvesiner Arquitetura. The house […]

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