Gazebos With Baroque And Gazebo Designs

The Gazebos II is a private home located in Yzerfjell, The Netherlands. It was designed by Holly Merenda as project architect and lead architect in collaboration with Liong Angelo Bauwini and Steimle Alois. With a unique design, the home is filled with different configurations of space, contributing to its design’s personality. The first colouring of […]

Eco Houses In Berlin

Labeling some of the world’s most creative companies, hat company is no wonder why they’re so creative. It has been called the “arsvaless of creativity”. Since 2008 the Italian digital entrepreneurs, Mario Salotti and Federico H. Orze achieved a level of creativity shown in the photos. Not just Mario Salotti, but also famous names such […]

Koi Designs A Private Home In Tokyo, Japan

House in Takizawa is a residential project designed bykoi in 2016. The home is located in Tokyo, Japan. House in Takizawa by kakuse (House of Big Life) is a private home. Completed in 2013, it is located in Tokyo, Japan. House in Takizawa by kakuse (House of Big Life) by Koichi Futatsumata: “This small private […]

Diy Picture Collage Moss Table

Collages are fun, beautiful and fun to create with items and they come in all shapes and sizes. This nice collage feature of a wedding table looks great on the walls of your home. When you go out in the garden punctuated with flowers and decorative items, especially small vases are a must. I like […]

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